WinEIM is an Instant Messaging System which only specialized on Security and Independent deployment. It offers Server and Client setup package, customers install the Server program to any computer on Windows Server OS, all other people's messages, files, audios are transferred by their own WinEIM Server. Enterprises', companies', even government's data can not be monitored by any other organization.


Independent deploy Server and manage it by yourown, the sensitive confidential data, not transfered by any third party server!


All messages and files are encrypted by very strong way in server. Pre protect your data in any potential risk.


Precise permission controlling. Departments and members are controlled by allowing appear to each others' contact list.

Message status

All sent messages show Read or Unread status, or Read by how many people and who are those people of group's messages.

SDK Development

Integrate WinEIM to your other business system, complete the notification message for all your platform system.

Apple iOS / Android

We offer iOS and Android version of WinEIM, your members can use them login your own server anywhere and anytime.